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Trinity Beach

Trinity Beach is a suburb located in the Cairns Regional local government area of Cairns, Queensland. Trinity Beach has a population of 4730 residents (2011).


This banana-shaped beach is sheltered between two large headlands, so all you can see from your beach towel as you soak up the rays is the blue water of the Pacific Ocean. Trinity Beach is very popular with everyone in Cairns and therefore has a huge selection of take-away shops, restaurants, small shopping centres, and accommodation types.


The beach is lined with picnic tables and barbeques that are free to use. The swaying palm trees and aroma of hot fish and chips make Trinity Beach a marvelous place for a family outing or an afternoon get-together with friends.


While Trinity Beach is a residential beach, the road along the beachfront is entirely dedicated to tourist resorts, restaurants and cafes.


To access Trinity Beach, drive north along the Captain Cook Highway until you reach the roundabout with the sign directing you to TRINITY BEACH. Take a right turn here and follow the road all the way to the end. Once you reach the beach you can turn either left or right and you'll find parking all along the beachfront.


Note: This beach has a stinger net during the stinger season. When the stinger net is in place, please only swim inside its protective barriers. Swimming outside the nets exposes you to unnecessary dangers.